The key to longevity with your HVAC system is proper maintenance. Preventive care will preempt the need for major repairs or replacements in the future. Maintenance can also dramatically improve the performance of air conditioners and home heating systems. Adhering to an annual maintenance schedule is the best way to ensure your systems run efficiently. Plus, spring offers some of the best times to schedule the service. Every spring, HVAC technicians can clean and improve your HVAC system with multiple service options.

Indoor Air Quality Improvements

The beautiful spring weather creates a lot of pollen, allergens and dust in the air. You want to ensure your HVAC system does not create low air quality inside during those spring months. A dirty air filter or duct system can not only create poor breathing conditions but that air quality could remain in your home throughout the summer months. A key element of HVAC maintenance includes replacing your system’s air filters. A new air filter is the best way to filter out allergens in the air and keep your indoor air quality at an optimal level.

A replacement air filter will also help your HVAC system to run more efficiently. When an air filter becomes clogged up with dust, the system needs to work harder to push air through and reach the set temperatures on your thermostat. So not only will you have cleaner air to breathe, but you will save on energy costs and lower your carbon footprint with a yearly maintenance appointment.

Along with air filter replacements, a maintenance appointment may include a deep cleaning of the ducts. An air filter may not capture every piece of dust and debris, and the build-up could extend to the ducts in your home. An HVAC technician will inspect and clean out the ducts to provide improved air quality for your home. Turn to us for duct cleaning!

Minimal HVAC Use

The spring season offers an ideal time for HVAC maintenance because your systems get a lot less use. The milder temperatures often mean your home will stay comfortable without the need for extra heat or air conditioning. Performing maintenance on the system is ideal because your home will stay at a comfortable temperature throughout the process.

While most maintenance appointments will take place on a single day, there could be circumstances where you need replacement parts or repairs done, and these take longer than one day. Instead of going a day or two in the winter without heat, you can manage the situation a lot easier during the spring.

The minimal HVAC use also will leave your HVAC systems in the best situation for the hot summer months. As spring transitions into summer, you will rely on an AC system a lot more, and a maintenance appointment in the weeks before will ensure it runs at optimal performance. If you waited until the middle or end of summer, then you would lose out on performance improvements and better efficiency during those hot summer months.

Leak Repairs and Lower Energy Costs

A key aspect of an HVAC maintenance appointment is to check for any leaks. The connection points and duct systems could all suffer from leaks. An AC system may leak chemicals and not perform as well. HVAC technicians have the proper tools and knowledge to detect leaks and pinpoint the exact areas where a leak has occurred.

Leak repairs may include replacement parts or patched areas that prevent the loss of airflow. As the summer months approach, you do not want to waste energy as leaked air blows into walls or basements instead of the used rooms in a house. The repaired leaks can create a dramatic difference in your energy costs. You will cool rooms faster, and your HVAC systems will not go through as much wear and tear as your home cools.

Noise Reduction and Peaceful Summers

A dirty and poorly performing AC system will often be much louder than a cleaned and well-maintained HVAC system. During the summer months, you may want to hear the sounds of nature, feel the slight breezes and watch sunsets on your front porch or patio area. The last thing you want to deal with is the constant noise pollution that comes with a loud AC system.

Through maintenance, an HVAC technician will help reduce the noise from the unit. Cleaning out dust and debris buildup will help a unit run much quieter. The replacement of loose ducts or malfunctioning parts can also help reduce a lot of the noise. As summer approaches, you will simply enjoy the cool air instead of hearing every time the AC starts up. If an AC takes longer to start or suffers malfunctions, you may hear louder noises that create distractions. Each year, the maintenance appointment can lead to more peaceful and relaxing summers.

Temperature Changes and Loose Parts

Throughout the winter, an HVAC system that sits outside goes through a lot of dramatic temperature changes. Going from freezing weather to warmer weather can have a direct impact on the performance of your system. Specifically, the cold air can cause parts to expand and contract, eventually resulting in loose nuts and bolts.

During a maintenance appointment, an HVAC technician will go into the outdoor AC unit to tighten any loose bolts, screws and parts that have loosened up during the winter months. Doing this during the spring will help ensure you have optimal performance in the summer. Loose parts can cause an HVAC system to perform inadequately and eventually, damage may occur if parts wiggle or shake too much due to the loose parts. Tightening loose parts will also provide another way to help reduce noise levels in the HVAC system.

The tightening of parts each year will help reduce part damage and create a system that runs at its best. Experienced HVAC technicians can go deep within a system to ensure every bolt and screw is properly tightened and replace any parts that have corroded or become stripped over time.

At All Tech Heat & Air, we are proud to offer maintenance services on all heating and cooling systems. We have years of experience and can find any signs or issues that should not be ignored. Along with maintenance services, we are proud to offer AC installation, heating installation and emergency repair services if something goes wrong with your system. We can provide tests to determine your indoor air quality and provide additional air filter installations if you want to improve air quality. You could also improve the efficiency of your HVAC systems with our insulation services, which will help keep your home at ideal temperatures without the need to constantly run HVAC systems.

Our other services include geothermal system installations, smart thermostat installations, heat pump repairs, heat pump installations and full ductwork installations. Our experienced team of technicians can provide you with professional care on any service you choose for your home.

Reach out to us at All Tech Heat & Air to find out more about our services or to set up an appointment today!

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