All Tech Heat & Air is the place for all things HVAC in Arcadia, OK. We’re a general HVAC company that provides customers with all types and levels of HVAC-related services, including system repair, installation, and maintenance. All Tech Heat & Air provides these services for every aspect of a system, addressing air conditioning and heating as well as ventilation and ductwork.

Professional HVAC Repair in Arcadia

Repair work is the bread and butter of every HVAC company. On the air conditioning front, our skilled technicians know how to stop refrigerant leaks and replace lost refrigerant. They can repair or change out rusted or otherwise faulty refrigerant lines. They can also fix critical AC system parts like compressors, evaporator coils, and condenser coils.

Regarding central furnaces and other heating systems, our technicians can deal with a variety of problems, including yellow pilot lights, frequent cycling, and general difficulty with starting the unit. A yellow pilot light usually means that there has been a carbon monoxide leak somewhere.

This is extremely dangerous, and you should call for professional help right away if you notice it. Frequent cycling is when your furnace turns on and off when it’s not required to. Normally, a furnace should turn on when indoor air is too cold and turn off when it has become warm enough.

There are also a host of ventilation issues that could plague your equipment. Many ventilation system issues bleed over to affect AC units and furnaces. For example, if cool air isn’t circulating through your home, either a malfunctioning AC or faulty ducts could be to blame.

Similarly, if your indoor air is sooty, it could be because your furnace isn’t heating properly or because your ventilation system isn’t filtering out pollutants. For ventilation system issues, our technicians can change out fans, replace air filters, and perform comprehensive duct cleanings.